MicroStrategy pays $240 million to purchase additional bitcoins

Business Intelligence Equipment and Enterprise Bitcoin (Bitcoin) Whale MicroStrategy increased its BTC ownership through additional purchases announced on Monday.

MicroStrategy CEO Michael Thaler Announce Buy 5,050 BTC at a price of approximately US$242.9 million, an average of US$48,099 per coin.

Form 8-K Record In a message released by the US Securities and Exchange Commission on Monday, MicroStrategy stated that it had added 8,957 BTC to its company’s Bitcoin library in the third quarter of 2021.

As Cointelegraph previously reported, MicroStrategy recently purchased 3,907 BTC for approximately US$177 million between July 1 and August 23.

After the latest Bitcoin acquisition, the company now holds approximately 114,042 BTC, with a total purchase cost of US$3.16 billion.

According to the Form 8-K document, MicroStrategy’s Bitcoin cost has dropped to approximately US$27,713 per BTC, including fees and miscellaneous fees.