New data shows that the share of encryption and blockchain work has increased by 118% in 10 months

A new report that collects the latest data on the cryptocurrency and blockchain job market shows that higher levels of institutional adoption have stimulated greater demand for industry expertise.

According to the employment website Indeed, Quote In the Korean IT Times today, as of mid-July 2021, the overall share of crypto and blockchain job postings on the platform has increased by 118% compared to early September 2020.

This steady growth has also brought about a shift in the roles sought. As of July 16, the proportion of crypto and blockchain management positions has increased by 29.87% year-on-year. Human resource accounts have increased by 200% over the same period, while software development work has dropped from 34.8% last year to 29.7% of all crypto and blockchain positions. According to reports, all data related to the role assignment comes from Crypto Parrot, a crypto trading simulator.

As observed by the Korean IT Times, positions related to blockchain tend to have higher salary ranges than other technical positions because they require strong cryptography knowledge and expertise in fields such as ledger economics and object-oriented programming. Although encryption and blockchain- Even DeFi – Have Steady growth in educational institutions Over time, the report stated that many developers in the industry are still largely self-taught, which shows that universities and courses are lagging behind.

The report further claims that relying on remote work during a pandemic may prove to be very suitable for an industry that values ​​decentralization and encourages core developers and researchers to engage with multiple partners and employers on different projects.

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Although the report does not provide data on the proportion of public and private sector employers seeking crypto talent, this year has seen everyone from Mossad arrive Bank of England Promote related roles.

In the private sector, the crypto division of the asset management company Fidelity Investments reportedly Plan to increase the number of employees by 70%, JPMorgan Chase begins accepting applications For software developers focused on blockchain, Amazon has been looking for people to lead its digital currency and blockchain strategy and product roadmap, but the unconfirmed claim is Large retailer Intend to accept bitcoin (Bitcoin) Payment by 2022.