New York mayor front runner promises to turn the city into a Bitcoin hub

In the same month, discussions about the emerging cryptocurrency capital of the United States seem to have Transfer the center from Miami To New York City. June to the largest bitcoin (Bitcoin) Historical events Hosted in MiamiWith the mayor of the city, Francis Suarez Take a series of measures Strengthen his efforts to make Miami become the top spot in cryptocurrency not only on a national scale but also on a global scale.

However, with American authorities now focusing on the New York City mayoral campaign, the current leader of Democratic candidate Eric Adams-at least temporarily-has taken the limelight from Suarez and his plan.On Tuesday’s election night, shortly after voting in the primary election, Adams committed to:

“I want to assure you: one year from now-one year-you will see a different city. […] We will become the center of life sciences, the center of cybersecurity, the center of autonomous vehicles, the center of drones, and the center of Bitcoin. We will be the center of all technologies. “

In a city known for its overwhelming record of Democratic leaning in voting, a successful candidate as a Democratic candidate is seen by most commentators as a must to become the actual mayor of the city after elections are held later in November this year. road.

In addition, Adams’ front-runner status was consolidated shortly after another candidate, Andrew Young (who himself is a staunch cryptocurrency advocate). recognition Lost after the first count of votes Indicated His opponent is in the lead. Within a few hours, Adams seemed to have spoken from Yang’s mouth—literally.

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Adams is a former policeman who used to be a Self description “Conservative Republican” early in his political career.He has succeeded Tap Donate large amounts of funds, positioning itself as a severely combating crime and Align He has been committed to the real estate industry while attracting local unions, political parties, and churches by being loyal to “the values ​​that his single mother instilled in him when he was fighting hunger and homelessness when he was young.”

Unsurprisingly, progressives have always attached great importance to critical Adams, his strategy also ensures that Yang continues nail correct.Yang’s recent political history has been intense, including the rumored character shortlist Secretary of Commerce in President Joe Biden’s Cabinet with one High-profile presidential campaign, Which has no positive results for his fans in the crypto community. With Yang now withdrawing from the mayoral campaign, it seemed like a blow to the industry, but it quickly turned into a promising opportunity.