Nuggets News followers sued Alex Sanders for $350,000

Australian cryptocurrency influencer Alex Sanders was sued by a disgruntled follower of his YouTube channel and consulting service Nuggets News.

Ziv Himmelfarb, a New Zealand-based plaintiff, filed a formal written order with the Supreme Court of Victoria on August 11, demanding Sanders to repay A$479,270 (US$353,027) of unpaid loans and unrealized investment losses and damages.

On August 12, Himmelfarb said in an interview with the Australian Financial Review Say He follows Sanders Encrypted comments Since 2017, he said: “He has made some great calls, and for me, he is the first person in the encryption field.”

“For me, trusting him is a matter of course.”

Himmelfarb claims to have invested four bitcoins in the first place (Bitcoin) On February 17, Sanders gave him access to crypto funds through Facebook Messenger. The BTC invested at that time was worth US$198,646.

Himmelfarb said that Saunders then asked him to invest $50,0000 worth of stablecoins in his upcoming stablecoin project DCB.The plaintiff accused Sanders of failing to obtain the required permits Investment Products To the public.

In May, Himmelfarb claimed that he also lent 30 ether (Ethereum) After YouTuber asked Sanders for help to solve the “liquidity problem”.

“When he told me in May that he had a temporary liquidity problem, I was very happy to help me with a short-term loan, but since then I can’t get my money back. Hope I can get something in return,” Himmelfarb Say.

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As Cointelegraph reported on July 28, Sanders found himself in trouble last month, after numerous accusations surfaced that he owed his colleagues large sums of Bitcoin and allegations that the funds invested in DCB had been transferred arrive Crypto exchange Such as FTX.

Sanders did not immediately respond to Cointelegraph’s request for comment.