People familiar with the matter said Amazon plans to accept Bitcoin payments this year

According to reports, an anonymous source within Amazon Tell London business newspaper City AM stated that the e-commerce giant is planning to accept Bitcoin (Bitcoin) Payment by the end of 2021 may lay the foundation for wider acceptance of mainstream crypto transactions.

“This is not just about building a cryptocurrency payment solution through actions at some point in the future-it is a complete, well-discussed, and indispensable part of Amazon’s future operation mechanism,” said the anonymous source. According to a report released on Sunday, it told City AM

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She said that although Bitcoin is the first step in Amazon’s crypto ambitions, the company’s executives are keen to add other mature cryptocurrencies in the future. She said, “The instructions come from the highest level,” referring to Jeff Bezos, adding:

“The whole project is almost ready.”

She said that in addition to accepting Bitcoin payments, Amazon is said to be exploring the creation of its own cryptocurrency, possibly as early as 2022.

Speculation about Amazon’s entry into the cryptocurrency market has been raging in the days following the outbreak of the new cryptocurrency market Post “The person in charge of digital currency and blockchain products” appeared on the company’s recruitment bulletin board last week.According to the job description, the new employee will provide help Develop Amazon’s digital currency strategy and product roadmap. This position requires strong expertise in blockchain, distributed ledgers, central bank digital currencies and more generally encryption.

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This is not the first job posting on Amazon with a focus on cryptocurrency.As Cointelegraph reported, the e-commerce giant Recruiting technical leader Help develop its new “digital and emerging payment” platform.