Planet Sandbox focuses on DarePlay and Babylon’s initial NFT product (INO)

Popular gaming platforms Planet Sandbox Has announced its initial NFT product (INO) on Dare to play As the platform’s first release and later Babylon, A popular NFT market centered on BSC. DarePlay will be released on November 10th whitelist It will be open to holders of $DNFT and $PSB on November 1st. The Babylon auction is scheduled for November 12.

DarePlay’s highly anticipated platform will provide a ready-made in-game NFT market and host various NFT games. DarePlay aims to become a universal NFT 2.0 protocol for digital assets, which solves many of the pain points of NFT 1.0, including many hidden risks around owning and transferring NFTs.

Babylon is equally impressive. As a next-generation community-managed NFT market and a leading blockchain game aggregator on BSC, Babylon provides a low gas fee, fast transaction, and easy-to-use minting platform, where users can create green NFTs, collect and trade from outstanding artists Their favorite game, NFT, is supported by a full-featured DAO powered by $BABI tokens.

Mystery box sales fuel planet sandbox ecosystem

Planet Sandbox will display new mysterious boxes, which will provide players with a series of weapons with different rarities (5 levels), stars and special skills. The limited special offer means this is the best and first opportunity for collectors to obtain these assets at a cheaper price than when the game was launched.

Users will be able to own and carry higher-level weapons into survival PvP mode, sell NFT weapons from boxes on the market, and even rent guns to other players. The Mystery Box sale will be exclusive to DarePlay and Babylons. Users can easily access and immediately purchase the Mystery Box at a reasonable price.

Overview of INO on DarePlay

A total of 1,500 Planet Sandbox Mystery Boxes will be sold at a price of 0.2 BNB. Buyers must use BNB to make purchases. The 1,500 boxes will be divided into three pools.First, $DNFT holders (staking 10 days in advance) will have access to 750 boxes of different levels Explain hereIf there are more users than NFT or available points, there will be a lottery system.

Secondly, $PSB holders will be able to use 450 boxes based on the lottery system. At the end, there will be a community bucket, selling 300 boxes on a first-come, first-served basis.

Overview of INO on Bablyons

Scheduled for November 12, 2021, Babylon will provide 2,000 mysterious boxes.Stakeholders in general sales must become existing $PSB or $BABI holders or participate in ongoing Flash movementThe listed price of each box will also be 0.2 BNB, and the requirements for each bucket are different.

First, 1,000 boxes of 0.2 BNB will be listed and only applicable to Bablyons community members who currently hold 3,000 $BABI. Second, 600 boxes will be sold to $PSB holders on a first-come, first-served basis. Finally, the remaining 400 boxes will be determined by a Gleam lottery, of which 500 addresses will be selected to enter the round.

You can learn more about each sale by following the official website of Planet Sandbox Social media channels.

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