ProShares follows Valkyrie to approve listing of Bitcoin strategy ETF

The US Securities and Exchange Commission has accepted the registration request for ProShares’ Bitcoin Strategy ETF, and the stock will be listed on the Arca of the New York Stock Exchange.

According to the notice of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission on October 15, the institution has accepted ProShares Trust’s Bitcoin Securities Registry (Bitcoin) Exchange-traded funds provide exposure to crypto assets through futures contracts.In addition, ProShares submitted an effective revised prospectus, in which state Its ETF may be launched as early as October 18.

If the US Securities and Exchange Commission officially approves the application, these assets will be listed on the New York Stock Exchange Arca.Bloomberg Analyst James Syfart Report The ProShares Bitcoin Strategy ETF will be listed under the 95 basis point stock symbol BITO.

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The potential ProShares listing is after the company Apply to withdraw its application For ether (Ethereum) ETF with the SEC in August. At the time, ProShares stated that it did not sell any securities related to the potential offering.

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