PS4 consoles seized in Ukraine are used for FIFA accounts, not cryptocurrency mining

Last week, Cointelegraph Report confiscated 3,800 PlayStation consoles It is said to be used to mine cryptocurrency. The confiscated game console was one of a batch of hardware discovered by Ukrainian authorities in a raid on a farmhouse accused of tampering with electricity meters to steal electricity from the local grid.

According to the preliminary report at the time, the PS4 console, graphics card, processing unit and other hardware found at the scene were used for illegal mining activities.

However, according to survey The Ukrainian business publication Delo stated that the confiscated PlayStation console was used to generate cards and coins for FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT), a game mode in the popular FIFA football game.

Players usually have to earn FUT coins and cards by winning football matches in the game, but the ruined warehouse is said to be generating black market variants of these in-game items. According to Delo, the Ukrainian Secret Service has not confirmed or denied its findings, and the agency chose to keep the details of the ongoing investigation confidential.

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Cointelegraph’s preliminary report does doubt the possibility of illegal operations being used for crypto mining, stating that:

“PlayStation 4 is not an ideal device for mining cryptocurrency. Given that its configuration is slightly outdated compared to many mining equipment available today, even the 16 PS4 settings cannot generate meaningful returns under legal power consumption.

However, the use of gaming hardware to mine cryptocurrency is not unheard of, and is actually related to the shortage of graphics processing units (GPU) for non-cryptographic mining users. Miners’ demand for GPUs continues to increase Coupled with the global shortage of semiconductors, budget PC gamers cannot provide next-generation graphics cards for their hardware.