Roubini and Taleb told CoinGeek that conference data is important, not tokens

economist Nouriel Roubini He and former risk analyst Nassim Taleb aimed at encryption at the CoinGeek conference this week, and Craig Wright, who has been controversial, boasted that the BSV blockchain is expected to reach billions of transactions per second.

Taleb, author of best-selling economic books Black Swan with Skins in the game, Is a controversial addition to the CoinGeek conference lineup in Zurich, and has come under fire on social media for giving BSV legitimacy.

At the same time, Roubini provided his “hottest” version of cryptocurrency attacks, which he was familiar with at cryptocurrency conferences before the pandemic.

“There is no reliability, no regulation, no AML, no KYC. [Crypto] Used by terrorists, money launderers, human traffickers, criminals, and tax evaders. “

Roubini believes that encrypted tokens-probably including BSV-are unnecessary and should be isolated from the value of decentralized data verification enabled by blockchain technology.

“Data is very valuable, it’s the new oil,” he explained, lamenting that “99%” of fintech applications “have nothing to do with cryptocurrency.” Roubini explained that what we need is a service that is “reliable, stores data, and explains who owns the data and who pays for it.”

Taleb followed Roubini on the panel and agreed that the data utility enabled by cryptocurrency should be understood as a phenomenon different from the cryptocurrency issued by many blockchain projects. He shared his belief that the people who need cryptocurrency are inconsistent with those who can use it, adding:

“Who needs cryptocurrency? Well, criminals need cryptocurrency unless it doesn’t work for them.”

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The host tried to get the group back on track and asked if Taleb agreed that “BTC does not represent what the Bitcoin white paper describes.”

In response, Taleb admitted that he believes that Bitcoin in its current form is not similar to the white paper, but retorted that “the currency in the white paper may not be what we want.”

Craig Wright, NChain’s chief scientist, talked about BSV, claiming that it “never was designed as a currency, it was digital cash” and continued to claim:

“In a few years, we will process 1 billion transactions per second, and then we will process 1 trillion transactions per second.”

As you might expect, Bitcoin users who do watch hate to watch broadcasts, including YouTuber “BTC Sessions” shared They just “jumped on the creek for a second, just to give it a thumbs up.”

Wright’s chief critic, Arther van Pelt, also threw stones on Twitter and said on Twitter that the group’s ratings were very low, calling it a “clown show.”