Russian Bitcoin critic says he will spend 100 rubles to buy BTC

Anatoly Aksakov, a member of the Russian State Duma and the main spokesperson of the country’s cryptocurrency legislation, claimed that he never owned any Bitcoin (Bitcoin).

Aksakov said that he does not hold any bitcoins, and most likely not, because the government has Prohibition of official purchases Encrypted, local news agency TASS report Thursday.

The official went on to say that he was willing to buy some Bitcoin as an investment before the ban took effect last year. However, he felt that the price was too high at the time:

“I only buy to accumulate. But Bitcoin has soared too much, and I am uneasy about spending money. If its price is 100 rubles, I will buy it.”

In the interview, Aksakov also believed that due to its extreme volatility, unqualified investors should not use Bitcoin.He also talked about the development of the Russian crypto taxation system, and pointed out that the crypto taxation report is currently carried out on a voluntary basis, because a draft bill that will mandate reporting has already Only passed first reading in parliament.

Aksakov is Russia’s leading financial official, serving as the chairman of the Financial Market Committee of the State Duma of Russia and a member of the National Banking Committee of the Bank of Russia.Aksakov has become a major Bitcoin critic and predicted last year BTC has no future.

Aksakov’s remarks are suggested in another regulatory initiative Partial lifting of the country’s ban on crypto payments In late Formal enforcement of the ban In January, as part of its main cryptocurrency law “On Digital Financial Assets”.