Strip clubs in Las Vegas now accept lightning

Crazy Horse 3 Gentlemen’s Club announced that it has become the first major entertainment venue in Las Vegas to accept Bitcoin using the Lightning Network.

The nightclub will implement a second-tier Bitcoin extension solution that will enable bettors to pay quickly. It integrates OpenNode, a BTC payment processor, and will initially allow guests to securely purchase VIP bottled packages using BTC through the venue website.

according to announcement, The launch of Bitcoin payments includes the acceptance of digital asset admissions, food choices, craft cocktails and the club’s iconic “dance dollar” for tipping artists. In other words, Lightning is used for lap dancing.

Lindsay Feldman, a publicist at Crazy Horse 3, stated that the club is seizing the opportunity to accept Bitcoin as a way to provide guests with convenience and additional anonymity, adding:

“The club’s partnership with OpenNode allows us to meet the needs of our technology-savvy customers by providing an innovative payment method that is both seamless and secure.”

OpenNode is a BTC payment platform powered by the Lightning Network, which operates in 126 countries/regions and has more than 8,000 users. The platform will allow venues to directly receive BTC payments without the involvement of third-party payment processors or related fees.

Over the years, the adult industry has accepted cryptocurrency through necessity and choice, and payment processors have either banned such businesses or charged them excessive fees due to “high risk”.

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Bitcoin’s leading second-layer expansion solution Steady growth in the past yearAccording to statistics, since the beginning of 2021, LN nodes have increased by 56%, reaching a record high of 12,844 at the time of writing. Bitcoin Vision.

The number of unique channels connecting nodes for the first time has also seen impressive growth this year, with a 54% increase since January 1.

The acceptance of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in Sin City is also growing.May, Resorts World Las Vegas Casino Resort Announced a partnership with cryptocurrency exchange Gemini Allow customers to use their exchange wallets to make payments with BTC and cryptocurrencies.

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