Survey finds that most Salvadoran citizens are skeptical about making BTC a legal tender

According to a newly released survey, as many as three-quarters of Salvadorans are skeptical of President Nayib Bukele’s Bitcoin adoption plan.

The survey conducted a survey of 1,233 people in El Salvador from July 1 to 4, and the results showed that only 20% approved the plan to make Bitcoin a legal tender

The survey has an error rate of 2.8% and was conducted by Disruptiva, a researcher affiliated with the University of Francisco Gavidia.according to Reuters, It found that about 54% of people thought the Bitcoin adoption plan was “completely incorrect”, while another 24% described it as “only one thing is correct”.

Almost half of the respondents (46%) admitted that they knew nothing about Bitcoin. About 65% of them do not accept the idea of ​​paying in digital currency.

Oscar Picardo, Director of the Disruptiva Institute of Science, Technology and Innovation, commented: “This is a risky bet on digital transformation.”

New country Bitcoin law passed on June 9, And will take effect on September 7, making the world’s leading crypto assets the parallel official currencies of Central American countries. At the end of last month, the government launched a Bitcoin wallet called Chivo, but said it was just an option.

At the time, Bitcoin enthusiast Bukele said, The wallet does not incur transfer fees or commissions And will not cut the conversion of BTC to USD.

In late June, he stated that every Salvadoran adult who downloads the Chivo Wallet app is eligible for Airdrop of USD 30 worth of BTC.

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President Bukele touted the adoption of BTC as a way to facilitate remittances by overseas citizens and reduce reliance on the U.S. dollar, which has been the national currency since 2001.

Approximately 70% of El Salvador’s population cannot use bank accounts or any financial services, but if this small survey makes any sense, they have not seen the advantages of Bitcoin as a potential solution.

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