Swiss National Post Office launches encrypted stamps

The Swiss National Post Office is working hard to bridge the gap between the physical stamps and the digital cryptocurrency industry by introducing tradable digital stamps.

Swiss Post officially on September 20 Announce The forthcoming “Swiss Encrypted Stamp” is a digital collectible, linked to a physical stamp issued by the postal service worth 8.9 francs.

Swiss encrypted stamps will provide a digital representation of physical stamps and will be stored on the blockchain. Buyers will be able to discover the digital twin of their physical stamp online via the QR code printed next to the physical stamp. Swiss Post pointed out that the image of the encrypted stamp will show one of 13 possible designs and can be collected, exchanged and traded online.

The upcoming Swiss encrypted stamps will obviously provide an experience similar to non-fungible tokens (NFT), as some stamps will have a rare design.

“Some are more common, while others are rarer and more coveted. The most common digital design has 65,000 copies, but the rarest is only 50. One thing is clear: Swiss encrypted stamps mean collecting, The exchange and transaction of stamps have also been digitized,” Swiss Post wrote.

Swiss encrypted stamps will be launched in late November, and 175,000 of these stamps will be issued at selected Swiss Post branches on November 25. According to the announcement, the Swiss encrypted stamp will be the first such stamp issued in Switzerland.

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Swiss Post did not immediately respond to Cointelegraph’s request for comment.

Switzerland is not the first country to experiment with blockchain technology to provide digital stamp collections. Austrian Post in May 2021 Announced plans to integrate NFC chips In its Crypto Stamp 3.0, this is the third iteration of its limited edition NFT stamp collection series.Austria Issued its first encrypted stamp In 2019.