The CEO of JPMorgan Chase said that the price of Bitcoin may rise 10 times but still will not buy

In one online interview Together with The Times of India and Jamie Dimon, CEO of investment banking giant JPMorgan Chase, defamation Although it is stated that the leading digital asset may grow 10 times in five years, the popularity of Bitcoin is still very high.

A staunch critic of Bitcoin in history (Bitcoin), Dimon Called it a fraud as early as 2017 It also listed the ability of criminals to evade arrest by the authorities by using BTC instead of U.S. dollars to conduct financial transactions.

When the Times of India asked whether the CEO should ban or regulate Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency assets, Dimon replied:

“I don’t really care about Bitcoin. I think people are wasting too much time and energy on this. But it will be regulated. […] This will limit it to a certain extent. But whether it eliminates it, I don’t know, I don’t personally care. I am not a buyer of Bitcoin. This does not mean that it cannot increase its price 10 times in the next five years. “

Nonetheless, JPMorgan Chase has shown increasing interest in the development and implementation of encryption and blockchain projects in the past year.

In January, The company bought 10% of the shares In the super bullish business intelligence company MicroStrategy, its CEO Michael Seller is one of the most well-known investors and holders of Bitcoin.

In July, the company created Multiple global job postings Let blockchain developers, engineers and marketers work for its cryptocurrency-centric Onyx department-responsible for launching the bank’s stable currency asset JPM Coin in October 2020.

According to a recent report, Counterpoint Global, a subsidiary of JP Morgan Chase, is considering offering cryptocurrency investments to wealthy clients. With assets under management exceeding US$150 billion, this will represent a considerable mark of recognition for other sectors of the banking industry.

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Dimon has received significant criticism for his disdain for digital assets, especially Wall Street veteran Max Keizer in Interview with Cointelegraph at the end of 2020. Kaiser shared a biological analogy to express his dissatisfaction with the banking tycoon:

“Bitcoin emerged as a spontaneous form of life. It stems from our global collective consciousness and is a defense mechanism against predatory central banks. Jamie Dimon is a parasite, just like a tapeworm. Our species has no defensive capabilities. Therefore, with God’s help, we all hope that Bitcoin will exist to fight fiat currency, partial reserve banks, and Keynesian debt currency propaganda.”