The City of Tennessee wants to accept property taxes paid in Bitcoin

Jackson, Tennessee, USA continues to explore potential cryptocurrencies and now hopes to accept Bitcoin (Bitcoin) Is used to pay property taxes.

Jackson Mayor Scott Conger Announce Late Thursday, the city’s blockchain working group launched a study on potential methods for accepting Bitcoin property tax payments in the city.

The blockchain team will also explore how to get employees to calculate the average bitcoin in U.S. dollars, or to buy a small amount of bitcoin on a regular basis. The average dollar cost of buying bitcoins is considered the best strategy for accumulating bitcoins. Multiple studies confirmed.

Conger earlier criticized the continued inflation and depreciation of the U.S. dollar on Twitter, believing that Bitcoin is the “only solution.”

The latest announcement brings an update Jackson’s broader encryption-related plans Conger announced in April. The city has been actively exploring options for paying city employees in cryptocurrency, adopting Bitcoin mining operations, and adding BTC to the city’s balance sheet. Conger has previously hinted that the city may also seek to support payments in several other digital currencies, such as Ether (Ethereum) And Litecoin (LTC).

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As previously reported, Mayor Conger follows in the footsteps of Miami Mayor Francis Suarez, who has always been Promoting the City of Miami Use Bitcoin to pay taxes and wages. Conger is also known for adopting “laser eyes”, which is part of the flash mob support in the crypto community Bitcoin’s potential price soars to $100,000. According to reports, at the time of writing, Bitcoin was trading at $31,732, which was down 2.5% in the past 24 hours. data From CoinGecko.