The election agency of the U.S. Republican Party accepts cryptocurrency donations

The U.S. National Republican Congressional Committee-the agency responsible for coordinating Republican elections-is introducing donations in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (Bitcoin).

NRCC announced on Twitter on Wednesday that the committee will begin accepting cryptocurrency donations for campaign activities and “push its fundraising activities to the moon.”

According to Wednesday report According to Axios News Agency, NRCC will use the main payment platform BitPay to process cryptocurrency donations, through which the donations will be immediately converted into U.S. dollars.

The cash conversion means that NRCC will be able to accept personal donations of up to $10,000 per year-far exceeding the maximum value of $100 for actual cryptocurrency transfers.

NRCC stated that it will collect all the identity data of individuals who donate cryptocurrency.

NRCC chairman and Minnesota representative Tom Emmels said that accepting encryption is part of “every avenue” that Republicans are striving to pursue elections. “This innovative technology will help provide Republicans with the resources we need to succeed,” he said.

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Last month, Emmer Reintroducing the bill It is designed to prevent the IRS from imposing fines or fees on crypto taxpayers who have forked assets.