The future of assets in Metaverse

From individual users to large companies, everyone is talking about meta universe.The fanaticism of Yuan Festival is so real that even Facebook changes its name to Meta Related to space.

At first, the hype surrounding Metaverse seemed to be limited to playing games and interacting in virtual reality, but users did more than just play games in Metaverse. In addition to in-game accessories, users also purchase virtual plots and manors, 900,000 USD is the highest price paid for a piece of virtual land.

Although prices have risen over time, interest in virtual plots by individuals, real estate companies, and other companies has also increased. These attributes are represented by coordinates in the Metaverse, providing various use cases, and the possibilities are endless. For example, these may be open spaces on which creators can build or structures that mimic real-life property.

Many experts in traditional finance and real estate have criticized the amount of money spent on virtual properties in Metaverse, saying that it is strange to invest in properties that people cannot actually live in. In contrast, many other companies are optimistic about Metaverse and have begun to provide products that match their interest in Metaverse. For example, many Yuanjie real estate companies (such as Yuanjie Real Estate) have been established to secure land and property in the virtual real estate space. In addition, companies like Sotheby’s are seeking to acquire land to build art galleries and museums where they can display their NFTs.

Loot NFT and Lootverse

Although all of these reflect the demand for properties in the meta-universe, what is the supply situation?introduce Loot NFT with TrophyEven in a dynamic space like Metaverse, Lootverse offers something unique in real estate.

Lootverse attempts to blur the boundary between fantasy and reality in the meta-universe, providing an incredible virtual world containing 4,880 plots of land ready to be occupied. By becoming a member of Lootverse, the owners (or Lootizen) can develop their plots and earn benefits by participating as Lootizen.

In addition, in the future, Lootverse will be accessed through a tablet computer called X, enabling owners to remotely access Lootverse, thus operating like Stargate. With this hardware solution, Lootizens can connect to the alternative reality of Loot NFT and explore it remotely.

In addition to providing a virtual land full of possibilities, Lootverse has also taken a step forward, aiming to develop its platform by allowing users to access physical land, connecting the meta-universe to the real world, which is essentially between Lootverse and the earth Portal. This feature is already under development to be presented to users in the next few years.

The future of real estate lies in the meta universe. With revolutionary features and concepts different from anything else in space, Lootverse is ready to become the center of virtual property development. However, to truly understand the potential of virtual property and how Lootverse can play an indispensable role in shaping the future, people need to experience interaction with their blockchain-driven virtual world.

About Loot NFT

Loot NFT is a gamified auction platform where members can bid for NFTs in the “Battle Bidding” auction environment. All participating members in the arena use bidding units (BUN) to mine Loot Tickets (LTT), and the supply of this token is limited at 500 million. Each NFT embodies a unique one-to-one creation (digital or digital and physical) and grants ownership to the member who wins the auction. Loot NFT also aims to make the NFT space more inclusive and diverse, allowing creators and members to access original NFT collections and an amazing world that aims to use the meta-universe to augment and replace reality.

The adventure-themed world of Loot NFT has 4,880 plots, allowing plot owners to tell the story of their land by casting up to 4 NFTs on each plot, while also sharing the income of the entire ecosystem. Owners can use their LTT to purchase from this Metaverse in Satoshi’s Lounge, Loot NFT’s auction environment. Loot NFT uses a two-way bridge between its permissioned blockchain and public blockchain to decentralize the modules of its ecosystem to a decentralized autonomous organization. For more information, please visit the website:

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