The Giving Block launches 15 new funds to guide cryptocurrency donations by reason

Cryptocurrency Charity Platform Give block 15 new “public welfare funds” have been announced to better donate donations directly to charities with similar goals and missions.

Giving Block was established to promote cryptocurrency donations To more than 700 non-profit organizations around the world, including Save the Children, Malala Foundation and World Vision.

According to The Giving Block’s website, the new cause fund “bundles multiple non-profit organizations with similar focuses or missions”, adding that this feature is ideal for those who want to support a specific problem or cause rather than an organization.

In this way, these funds enable multiple charities to expand their influence, not just those with immediate visibility.

Co-founder Alex Wilson told Cointelegraph: “We often hear from donors that they want to support a certain type of cause-such as the environment-but it is difficult to choose a cause.”

“The charity fund allows donors to support the entire category of impact through a single transaction. This is a win-win for both the charity and the donor.”

These categories are in line with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and include: health and medicine; freedom and freedom; veterans and first responders; poverty and housing; technology and science; animals; art and culture; children and youth; citizens and human rights; disasters and Conflict; economic development; and food and water.

“The purpose of donations will vary for different reasons. Some funds may be used to build schools, while other funds may be used to feed hungry children,” Wilson said, adding that this year’s goal is to raise 100 million yuan for charity through cryptocurrency donations Dollar.

According to reports, hundreds of non-profit organizations have signed up for the “Career Fund.” Currently, only US companies are eligible, but Wilson said they hope to expand internationally as soon as possible. The charity fund will be updated at the beginning of each month to include new non-profit organizations.

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Donors can use one of 45 selected cryptocurrencies to contribute to a cause. Once a month, the total value of each fund will be divided equally among all non-profit organizations participating in the fund.

Charities beyond funding, The Giving Block stated that these donations will also have a profound ripple effect on the wider adoption of cryptocurrencies.

“As a large number of non-profit organizations succeed in crypto fundraising, the adoption of cryptocurrencies by the charity sector is destined to grow exponentially. In turn, this strengthens charitable donations as an important use case for cryptocurrencies,” according to the Giving Block website .

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