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Although the industry is still in its infancy, NFT games have recently become very popular. The market has opened up a new area where crypto enthusiasts can enjoy an exciting game ecosystem, and at the same time, they can get rewards just by participating in the meta festival.

NFT-based games integrate game earning elements and are one of the fastest growing areas in the developing encryption field. They promised to completely reform the existing paid game structure implemented by traditional established companies such as Nintendo, Atari, and Microsoft.

These old-fashioned companies rely on in-game purchases to generate revenue and develop their platforms, while providing players with little or no return.

Unlike these traditional game modes, Crypto game industry Provide users with financial rewards through games. This approach caused the emerging sub-industry to cause a sensation in the encryption and blockchain industries.

Participants can mint and trade rare game tokens (NFT), and they can use these tokens to earn crypto assets and fiat currencies on exchanges outside of Metaverse.

NFT gamers around the world can obtain rare and unchangeable tokens with huge potential for growth. They can trade these tokens in a decentralized market to obtain in-game privileges, such as avatars and accessories. Participants also played an important role in shaping the structure of Metaverse, and at the same time received part of the game’s revenue.

The evolution of NFT games

The NFT gaming movement has developed rapidly in recent months, and it promises to allow users to make money while playing games. In the past 12 months, multiple GameFi platforms have appeared, trying to profit from the hype.

The Ethereum-based NFT game Axie Infinity is the best performing game earning game so far, attracting millions of new users while witnessing it Unprecedented growth In daily volume.

Unfortunately, most NFT collection games on the market lack innovation, which may be due to the hasty development of industry players who want to make quick money. As a result, many of these projects lack innovative features, immersive gameplay and enhanced user experience.

Simulated creatures Enter the scene with a revolutionary gamification ecosystem, leading the next development of NFT collection. The project introduces an innovative game earning model in which users can interact with the evolving NFT. Users can also use their own collections to enhance gameplay and pledge NFTs for generous revenue.

Continuous development and third-party mutation of NFT

SimBiotes is a unique game meta-universe with a new NFT mechanism based on the concept of evolutionary science. Collectors, also known as “scientists,” can interact with living NFTs and stimulate mutations to increase the rarity and value of their digital artworks.

NFTs in the game ecosystem will evolve from 2D collectibles to living 3D creatures, allowing players to enjoy their digital collections in a whole new way.

In addition, the SimBiotes in-game environment will evolve over time, creating an ever-expanding and fascinating virtual world. The new game allows crypto enthusiasts to give new life to the static NFT outside of their wallets and allows them to obtain new collectibles with unexpected attributes, thereby increasing their overall value.

The project team works with top game developers and leading NFT creators to shape the evolution of a new meta-universe.

The entire ecosystem will be generated from Embryonic Simbiotes, which are provable rare collectibles on the Ethereum blockchain, evolving and adopting new features with each generation (one generation per 100 blocks).

Scientists can promote the evolution of their embryos Simbiotes by synthesizing new mutations in the “laboratory”, SimBiotes’ initial main activity center, and the game dashboard. These living NFTs evolved into new strains of NFTs, called “Simbiotes”, and then eventually evolved into species. Simbiotes hatch eggs, which can then cause the spawning of secondary digital organisms called cells.

In addition, players can test their evolving organisms through Simbiotic Evolution in a special room called “Petri Dish” to create a new NFT. By allowing Simbiotes to interact with other digital collectibles (such as CryptoPunks), scientists can generate mutated NFTs, and they can earn cryptocurrency and other game assets through transactions.

The transformed third-party collections can also be reintegrated into the petri dish to increase the chance of spawning for further rewards, including tokens and cells. The new game will issue 10,000 unique Simbiotes to early bird investors during the upcoming Simbiotes Drop at the end of November.

How new players can make money on SimBiotes

Cryptocurrency investors who missed the Simbiotes Drop can join the action and move forward in the game. The groundbreaking evolution-based bio-digital meta-universe provides a ladder to enter the game, allowing non-Simbiote players to participate and receive rewards in the meta-universe.

Newcomers can also interact with active NFTs and use their digital artwork to create new and unique artworks, while enjoying a way to make money in games in a gamified environment.

Players who wish to join the game after the initial NFT sale can purchase Simbiotes from the game market. These mysterious laboratory creations provide powerful utility in the game ecosystem.

Non-Simbiote holders can plan a series of cells and deploy them in a beneficial battle called “cell experiment”. The project is studying new game mechanics, which will promote cells with a series of offensive and defensive characteristics to fight to obtain bio-digital energy.

Players who win from these games can use their abilities to increase the rarity, ability, and longevity of their game assets. Bio-digital energy can also be sold in “The Field” (in-game market) or used by scientists to accelerate the evolution of Simbiote.

Users can also use their existing digital art to create new NFTs with unique characteristics in Metaverse.They can then sell the newly mutated collectibles to players and collectors on the gaming platform Opaihai, The leading NFT market.

Join the game-changing SimBiotes ecosystem

SimBiotes introduces a radical approach that enables collectors around the world to interact with and profit from unique and vivid digital collections on the blockchain.

The game earning element of the platform allows crypto enthusiasts to publish their static NFT collections to develop and capture value in a decentralized market (while remaining original, of course).

Investors in the upcoming Simbiotes Drop sale can experiment with their embryonic Simbiotes and cast new NFTs that have the potential to mutate and earn value in a collaborative, exploratory game virtual world.

As the SimBiotes community grows, players will have the opportunity to generate new and valuable variations from their digital collections. They will also win an airdrop bio-digital NFT from the top digital art creators in the cryptocurrency industry.

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