The mayor of Miami plans to accept the first salary paid entirely in Bitcoin

Francis Suarez, who has been mayor of Miami since 2017, stated that he will receive his next salary in Bitcoin.

In a Twitter post on Tuesday, Suarez Said His goal is to become the first U.S. legislator to accept part of Bitcoin’s salary at the state or federal level (Bitcoin).Public record exhibit The Mayor of Miami’s annual salary from 2016 to 2017 was US$97,000, which means that assuming that the resident did not vote to increase his public service compensation, he would receive a monthly salary of more than US$8,000 or 0.13 BTC at a price of US$63,404.Suarez said he would prefer Use apps like Bitwage or Strike instead of letting the local government work hard to convert his legal salary into cryptocurrency.

The statement was issued on the morning of U.S. Election Day. Although many positions in the federal office will not open until mid-2022, local and statewide offices, including the Mayor of Miami, will vote. Suarez is the front runner among the six non-partisan candidates.

Mayor Suarez said he owns both BTC and Ether (Ethereum), have been talking about him Intends to turn Miami into a cryptocurrency hub Possess the “most advanced encryption method” in the United States.Many companies and activities in the encryption field have flooded into the region, including Bitcoin 2021 conference In June.Borderless Capital, a venture capital firm, will launch a $25 million financing Funds supporting blockchain startups Located in the city.

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Some mayors in other cities in the United States have also been promoting the adoption of cryptocurrencies or supporting digital assets in policies or practices in other ways. In August, the mayor of Cool Valley, Missouri, Jayson Stewart proposed Give away more than $1 million in BTC The city has approximately 1,500 residents.Eric Adams, who ran for mayor of New York City, also said He plans to make this city “The center of Bitcoin.” Adams was also in the November 2 vote.