The mayors of New York City and Miami debate on Twitter about who is the bigger crypto advocate

Newly-elected New York City Mayor Eric Adams has reiterated his pledge to make the city a crypto hub by accepting his first three paychecks entirely in Bitcoin (Bitcoin).

Thursday response to Francis Suarez on Twitter-as of Tuesday-another term from Adams Said In addition to the following two payments, he will honor the Mayor of Miami’s promise to accept his next salary in Bitcoin. Assuming that Adams’ basic salary is 258,750 USD, his monthly salary is approximately 21,562 USD per person, totaling 1.05 BTC, and the price is 61,268 USD.

Less than two days after winning the city election with 72.8% of the vote, the incoming New York mayor joked on social media. He is expected to take office on January 1, so there is always the possibility of major changes in BTC prices before Adams is sworn in. Experienced large fluctuations this month, From less than 50,000 US dollars in early October to 61,268 US dollars at the time of publication, an increase of more than 10%.

Adams and Suarez, as political candidates and civil servants, both advocated that their cities become the encryption center of the United States.The mayor election says Plan to make New York City “The center of Bitcoin” if he wins the game, and Suarez has always been Speak his intentions Make Miami a city with the “most advanced encryption law” in the United States.

Suarez’s response to Adams’ salary challenge implies that the mayor of Miami believes that their race to adopt Bitcoin is by no means hostile. However, considering that Adams’ annual salary is $258,750 and Suarez’s annual salary is $97,000, Adams may get more BTC from his salary.

“Congratulations on the election,” Said Suarez. “I look forward to friendly competition to make our respective cities the capital of cryptocurrency.”

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Due to policies and events that set precedents, New York City and Miami often become the focus of many people in the crypto space. In June, President Nayib Bukele announced Plans to make BTC a legal tender At the 2021 Bitcoin Conference in Miami, El Salvador. In addition, the New York Attorney General’s Office is also responsible for handling many law enforcement cases against crypto companies, including Coinseed, Bitfinex, and Tether.