The next messaging unicorn on Solana

Messaging applications are everywhere-the end 3.1 billion people The world is using them, sending more than 140 billion messages every day. Their universality, scale, and the value they provide to users often translates into extremely high market valuations:

  • Whatsapp was acquired at an unprecedented price $19 billion In 2014, it was launched only 5 years ago.At the time of the acquisition, Facebook paid 42 USD Every WhatsApp user.
  • Telegram launched by Pavel Durov in 2013 has exceeded 500 million Today’s users have recently rejected an investment offer for their valuation $30 billion.
  • Skype is one of the earliest VoIP services, sold to Microsoft $8.5 billion in 2011.

The growth of mobile messaging applications shows no signs of stopping: the number of users of mobile messaging applications is expected to increase More than 10% By 2025, 300 million people will be added.

Although the growth is staggering, it has also exposed a series of previously unknown risks to the privacy, financial, and personal safety of mobile phone users:

Data sharing violation – EU’s privacy regulator WhatsApp fined 255 million euros Data processing and data sharing violations in September 2021.

Cyber ​​theft – Cybercriminals use Telegram’s chat script tool to Hack bank account data From other users.

Theft of private data – Private data 533 million Facebook Messenger users leaked online in April 2021.

Spyware – Hackers were able to insert spyware into the phones of WhatsApp users, enabling them to Listen to private conversation.

blackmail – WhatsApp users have been warned that even if they delete messages, hackers can retrieve these messages and Used to blackmail them.

Traditional mobile operators are also not safe.Syniverse, used by companies such as T-Mobile and Vodafone, revealed that hackers have been accessing billions of text messages in its database Since 2016.

With the accelerated prosperity of data transmission, the privacy of user data and communications will be increasingly threatened. The world is eagerly seeking a messaging solution that is free from hackers, cybercriminals, and government intervention. By using the latest blockchain technology, a group of visionary technology developers finally developed it: secret.

Secretum: Use the blockchain to start the messaging and transaction revolution

privacy It is the world’s first and only fully decentralized, encrypted and secure messaging DApp (Decentralised App), built on Solana Blockchain. Thanks to its state-of-the-art design, it further enables users to trade encrypted assets as easily as sending text messages. The benefits to users are significant:

  • All messages are fully encrypted and stored on verified nodes in the Secretum network-which means hackers cannot access them as before Cloud-based Messaging services, such as Whatsapp.
  • The most secure and anonymous registration process requires only the user’s encrypted wallet address-there is no longer the risk of privacy data leakage.
  • Use native SER tokens to provide pledges and rewards for users who send messages and provide new nodes to expand the Secretum network.
  • A simple, intuitive and pure P2P transaction interface for sending and receiving encrypted currencies and non-fungible tokens (NFT).
  • Due to Solana’s capabilities, record low fees and almost instant transactions 50,000 transactions per second The average cost per transaction is only 0.00025 USD.

By combining superior messaging applications with advanced P2P encrypted transactions, Secretum’s strategy is ambitious but simple—becoming the messaging application of choice in the encryption era.

Secretum: Turn encryption and messaging into a blockchain unicorn

As Secretum’s blockchain messaging innovation has changed the communication game, its over-the-counter (OTC) P2P transaction function brings unique advantages to crypto asset owners:

Instant liquidity-traders can directly connect with each other and find hidden liquidity in the encrypted market-improve execution.

NFT transactions-NFT is booming, with sales soaring to 10.7 billion US dollars in the third quarter of 2021, a staggering increase 700%+ Last quarter:

Secretum helps match NFT buyers and sellers, allowing them to communicate with each other through their wallet addresses-securely, directly, and with the lowest fees in the market.

Better transaction prices-through wallet-to-wallet transactions, Secretum stabilizes prices and market flow, eliminating the impact of “whale trading” and its negative impact on prices.

As the adoption rate of cryptocurrencies soars, Secretum is entering the market, and the number of wallets reaches a record high Over 220 million:

As more and more people become owners of encrypted wallets, they will be able to seamlessly use Secretum to meet all their messaging needs-essentially the integration of the messaging application market and cryptocurrency.By leveraging its unique transaction and messaging capabilities, Secretum is In fact Positioned in a market serving more than 3 billion users.The benefits of becoming a global messaging app are significant-experts estimate that WhatsApp is in US$5 and US$10 billion Facebook’s goals for 2020. Therefore, realizing Secretum’s vision to provide the world with secure and user-friendly communication and transaction solutions will make it a reasonable opportunity for the world’s next messaging unicorn.

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