The number of Bitcoin network nodes hits a record high

The number of accessible Bitcoin network nodes exceeded the 13,000 mark for the first time. As Cointelegraph previously reported, Previous record high It reached 11,613 in January.

according to data From the Bitcoin network statistics dashboard, this milestone was reached on July 5th, when the number of reachable nodes reached 13,374. As of this writing, Bitnodes data shows that the current number of network nodes is approximately 12,835.

Coin.Dance, another tracking site also has Bitcoin (Bitcoin) The number of nodes hit a record high 12,825. Nodes running Bitcoin core software accounted for 98.77% of the total, and the rest are scattered in less popular implementations such as Bitcore and Bitcoin Knots.


Bitcoin Core 0.21.1 was released in May with a Taproot activation code and has nearly 5,000 nodes (according to Coin.Dance). It is currently the most used software version among entities that run reachable nodes. According to data from Bitnodes, the number is 5,125, accounting for 40% of the total number of network nodes.

Bitnodes data also shows that almost half of the network nodes are running on Tor. Back in January, Only about a quarter of all reachable nodes Running on the hidden network Tor. Using Tor to run clients like Bitcoin Core provides an extra layer of privacy because the IP addresses of connecting nodes are obfuscated.

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According to data from Bitnodes, the number of network nodes increased by 2,739 nodes last year, strengthening the decentralized spirit of Bitcoin.

The growth in the number of network nodes is also similar to the current expansion in the Lightning Network ecosystem, with its capacity increasing by more than 70% in less than six months.

In early July, the capacity of the public lightning network exceeded 1,800 BTC after increasing by 100 BTC in less than a week. data Bitcoin Visuals, a statistical tracker from the Lightning Network, placed the number of LN nodes above 12,800, which is also the highest value in history.