The report states that since January, cryptocurrency users have doubled to more than 200 million

According to a new report, the adoption rate of cryptocurrencies has accelerated this year, and the number of cryptocurrencies worldwide has doubled since January.

Major digital asset company Released Its latest study on measuring global cryptocurrency users on Thursday found that the number of global cryptocurrency users increased from 100 million in January to 221 million in June, more than doubled.

The company pointed out that the adoption rate of cryptocurrency has been growing rapidly this year, because the cryptocurrency population increased from 106 million in February to 203 million in May, which took only four months. In contrast, since began to track the level of encryption adoption, the number of global encryption users has gone from 65 million to 100 million, and it took 9 months.


The results showed that Bitcoin and the second-most valuable cryptocurrency Ether (Ethereum), in terms of the composition of cryptocurrency owners, their market share has been declining, while the number of users holding other digital assets has been steadily increasing.

The study also found that the substantial increase in crypto users this year has been accompanied by a significant increase in the popularity of altcoins or cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin.Bitcoin). According to’s survey results, the adoption of altcoins may be driven by the influx of new users interested in altcoins such as And Shiba Token (SHIB) Elon Musk’s criticism of Bitcoin mining Its so-called environmental hazard.


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