The Sioux Energy Center has secretly mined 20 bitcoins since April

Electricity service provider Ameren Corporation Announce On Monday, it has successfully mined more than 20 bitcoins using excess energy generated by one of its coal power plants, the Sioux Energy Center in West Alton, Missouri.

Although the company established a data center for mining tokens in April, it did not publicly announce the increase until today. Its half-megawatt mining facility utilizes the 972 megawatt power generation capacity of the Sioux Energy Center to complete the necessary proof-of-work mining activities.

Ameren’s goal of starting this business seems to be to prevent the power plant’s power generation from falling and to provide the company with a new source of revenue. Allegedly, when mining started in April, the power plant was operating at only 17% of its full capacity.

After the announcement, the company’s environmental impact was quickly questioned. In February, a coalition of three environmental groups-the Water Keepers Alliance, the Missouri Confluence Water Keepers, and the Great River Environmental Law Center- Announce They intend to file a lawsuit against the company for violating the “Federal Clean Water Act.”

“They (Ameron) have responded and we are evaluating our options,” said Bruce Morris, an attorney at the Great River Environmental Law Center.

The Sioux Energy Complex is located on farmland near the banks of the Mississippi River and is said to have stored more than 3 million tons of coal ash in an unlined storage pit.Environmental groups have urge The management of Sioux Energy Complex has demolished coal ash storage pits in the past, but the effect seems to be limited.

Ashtracker, the energy pollution data reporting website of the Energy Integrity Project, has also statement Of the 29 water monitoring wells around the factory, 15 of them were polluted by molybdenum, boron, sulfate, lithium, and cobalt above the federally recommended level.

Although the utility did fully As early as 2010, a $600 million plan to upgrade the factory with the latest environmental control measures, Ameren’s mining business seemed to run counter to most of the industry’s views on how companies in this sector should respond to their environmental footprint.Everyone comes from Elon Musk Go to the crypto derivatives trading platform BitMEX promise Do your part to make mining a less resource- and energy-intensive job. Sam V. Tabar, Chief Strategy Officer of Bitcoin Miner BitDigital Said The use of carbon neutral energy is an indispensable part of improving sustainable practices and reducing the environmental impact of the industry.