The survey found that if there are funds to invest, a quarter of American teenagers will buy cryptocurrency

Researchers are trying to investigate the views of North American teenagers on the stock market, cryptocurrency, and other investments in the GameStop era. The results show that cryptocurrency is ahead of some other asset classes, such as real estate. 25% of teenagers said that if they have hypothetical funds, they would invest in cryptocurrency, while 24% of teenagers said they would invest in real estate.

About 43% of people still believe that the best option is to invest their funds in the stock market, but a large proportion (37%) said they would avoid investing altogether.

These result A survey jointly conducted by Junior Achievement and RSM US in mid-July this year included more than 1,000 teenagers between the ages of 13 and 17. 39% of respondents who follow the GameStop legend closely agree that investing in the stock market is a good way to make money quickly, and 20% believe that trading stocks is generally too risky. Despite this, 40% of people still believe that stocks are beneficial as long-term investments.

The leaders of the survey stated that they hope to rebuild confidence among teenagers that buying the stock market is indeed in their best interests, and to alleviate their possible negative situations after witnessing the fate of GameStop retail investors—— Contrary to hedge funds -During a short squeeze. In the words of Jack Kosakowski, President and CEO of Junior Achievement USA:

“These results indicate that the recent phenomenon of’memetic stocks’ may adversely affect young people’s perceptions of what it means to invest in the stock market. Given that the stock market plays an important role in helping countless Americans achieve safe retirement, it is important We help the next generation to uncover its mystery.”

Junior Achievement and RSM have been trying to change the impression of young people by promoting educational programs that support the stock market, including simulated stock market experiences and courses designed to clarify the basic principles of investment. The challenge they face is that, based on their survey results, the vast majority (51%) of teenagers said that they think the stock market “is a’good thing’ for ordinary people.”

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As Cointelegraph previously reported, in many parts of the world, Increasing reliance on speculative investment In an era of suppressed wages, insecure job markets, and alarmingly high real estate prices, millennials are struggling to make ends meet, which has become noticeable among millennials.

Contrary to the views of Junior Achievement, Lee Han Koo, a professor of economics at Suwon University in South Korea, believed earlier this year that the difficult socio-economic environment has encouraged many young people’s “despair” notion that day trading represents “a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity” to get rid of them. Insurmountable financial difficulties.