The winner spends a lot of cryptocurrency at Sotheby’s diamond auction

On July 9, the art and jewelry brokerage company Sotheby’s auctioned a 101.38 carat diamond and sold the rock at an encrypted price of more than 10 million U.S. dollars.

The diamond “sold to an anonymous buyer at Sotheby’s in Hong Kong last Friday for $12.3 million”, MarketWatch Report on Monday. “According to Sotheby’s data, this is the most expensive gem ever purchased with cryptocurrency,” MarketWatch added.

news Crypto-friendly diamond auction It surfaced in the second half of June, and it is estimated that the price of this diamond will reach around US$15 million. According to reports, the name of this diamond is called “The Key 10138”, a tribute to the jargon of the crypto industry. (The private key can access the assets of each cryptocurrency owner.)

Anonymity and pseudonyms are not uncommon in the encryption industry. Crypto traders and social media celebrities often post comments on Twitter via anonymous profiles. Even the creator (or creator) of Bitcoin (Bitcoin) Is the beginning of the entire cryptocurrency industry, but still uses anonymity in the name of Satoshi Nakamoto.

The diamond auction will generate an anonymous buyer, who will be paid in cryptocurrency, which is suitable for the crypto industry. According to MarketWatch, the auction results do not include digital assets paid by buyers. Buyers can choose to use Bitcoin, Ethereum (Ethereum), or regional currency (legal currency).

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On July 9th, according to Cointelegraph’s Bitcoin Price Index, the price of Bitcoin was approximately between US$32,670 and US$34,170. The trading price of Ethereum on that day was approximately between US$2,070 and US$2,180. At a price of USD 33,000 per bitcoin, the buyer will pay approximately 372 BTC for this diamond. If paid in ETH, assuming that the price of each ETH coin is US$2,100, the cost of this stone is approximately 5,857 ETH. However, the actual total is not shared, so the above data is only used as a potential logical benchmark based on the price trend on July 9.