This is Mati Greenspan vs. Maxis on the “Shitshow” in 2021

The Miami Bitcoin 2021 conference officially kicked off on June 4 and reignited the controversy about crypto tribalism, which involved some industry leaders.

Sponsor Expected attendance exceeds 50,000 Conference hosted for the Mana Wynwood Convention Center. Participants in Miami this year include the founder of Quantum Economics and the former senior market analyst of eToro Mati Greenspan.

In today’s article, Greenspan highlighted the growing rift in the crypto community, which he called the “toxic problem.”Financial advisors unintentionally sparked a social media storm comment Bitcoin 2021 will become “the biggest crypto conference ever!”

Greenspan was told unequivocally that this was a “Bitcoin Conference” for BTC enthusiasts only.Peter Rizzo, Editor of Bitcoin Magazine Straighten him:

“This is a Bitcoin conference about Bitcoin. Bitcoin is the subject, so why is it used as an adjective,”

Greenspan replied that “Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency Mr.”, however, it only fuels the long-talking about Bitcoin extremists claiming that the activity is exclusive.

This Miami Bitcoin The 2021 conference will last until June 5 And received a large number of industry celebrities, including former Congressman Ron Paul, Twitter’s Jack Dorsey, Winklevoss twins and Morgan Creek Digital partners Anthony Pompgliano. In order to be fair to the organizers, they are very clear that this is a Bitcoin activities only / altcoins not allowed In the telegram channel:

“This is a Bitcoin-only conference. Please stay focused and thematic during the event. Save conversations about other protocols and cryptocurrencies outside of the conference.”

A visibly disappointed Greenspan retorted that there was obviously a lot of insecurity in the Bitcoin crowd, and eventually got tired of the debate and exclaimed: “This is really a shit show.”

in his communication Today he clarified his views on this topic:

“Now, obviously everyone has the right to express their opinions. They can call me whatever they want, but one thing I want to say to all of this is that these so-called Maxis do not own the Bitcoin network. I am also a Bitcoin. Coin lovers, no one can do anything.”

Greenspan stated that “fanaticism” is futile and urged the community to “focus our energy on a common enemy instead of spending time and energy on internal strife. It does not help.”

The atmosphere of Bitcoin alone extends beyond Greenspan question Why did Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin show up after multiple photos of him surfaced, including one in Miami Mayor Francis Suarez who supports cryptocurrency. Buterin actually launched Ethereum at the 2014 Bitcoin Miami event.

Scott Lewis, co-founder of DeFiPulse, sees an interesting side:

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