Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey keeps saying “no” to Ethereum

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Rejected his idea of ​​buying ether again (Ethereum) Although social media platforms use Ethereum-based non-fungible tokens (NFT) for activities.

Wednesday, social media platforms Announce giveaway by rare, A major NFT platform that uses the Ethereum blockchain network to mint digital collectible tokens.

However, even though Twitter has published 140 NFTs on Ethereum-this is the basis of the second largest cryptocurrency after Bitcoin (Bitcoin)-Dorsey is clearly still completely loyal to Bitcoin.

After the announcement of the NFT news, Twitter user Packanimal said that Dorsey’s investment in Ether was only a “a matter of time”, and the CEO simply answered “no.”

The crypto community subsequently reacted to Dorsey’s two-letter view of Ethereum, Adam Cochran of Cinneanhaim Ventures criticism Twitter’s CEO “is still BTC maxi” while Twitter “prints Ethereum-based NFT on Rarible”. “With this level of mental gymnastics, I am surprised that he will not represent the United States in the 2021 Tokyo Olympics this year,” Cochran added.

Dorsey, who is also the co-founder and CEO of Square, a crypto-friendly digital payment company, previously expression His loyalty to Bitcoin said in a tweet in 2019, “I only have Bitcoin.” At the Bitcoin 2021 conference in early June, he Say, “Bitcoin absolutely changed everything. […] I think there is nothing in the world that is more advantageous than this. ”

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As an early Bitcoin believer, Dorsey has repeatedly argued Bitcoin will become the single currency of the Internet At least from 2018.He used to Refused Into altcoins like Ethereum, claim He only invested in Bitcoin in 2019.

Dorsey’s remarks came as some of the biggest Bitcoiners admitted that Ether could eventually make Bitcoin the world’s largest cryptocurrency. Mike Novogratz, The founder and CEO of Galaxy Digital, a crypto investment company, Expected On Thursday, Ether may become “the biggest cryptocurrency one day.”