What happened to the secret meeting between Cardano developer IOHK and Zanzibar officials?

this Cardano Africa Tour It had been fully armed for several weeks now, and it didn’t end until Hoskinson returned to the United States. The founder Charles Hoskinson announced the tour after successfully launching the blockchain smart contract function and started the tour last month.

Hoskinson and the Cardano Foundation plan to meet and liaise with developers of Cardano-based projects and officials from various countries to discuss accelerating the adoption of blockchain in the African continent.

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Judging from Hoskinson’s Twitter news, the tour has been going on as planned. So far, he has met with project leaders and officials from many countries. One thing that remains a mystery is the secret meeting. Cardano developer IOHK met with Zanzibar officials, but these meetings are kept secret from the public. This is what we know.

Depicting the future of Zanzibar

Finding ways to increase interconnection on the African continent has always been one of the goals of Cardano’s Africa trip. Once Hoskinson landed in Zanzibar, the foundation entered a stage of full development. Discussions about technological advancements in the area occupied a major part of the trip.

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Charles Hoskinson personally inspected the country’s solar cell modules and telecommunication station installations. This is to promote social progress and help companies succeed.

IOHK and Zanzibar officials discussed how to achieve a more connected future for citizens at a meeting hosted by the World Mobile Team. At the meeting held on November 8, both the Zanzibar government and IOHK adjusted their values ​​for the future and pointed out that the empowerment work carried out by officials to provide fishermen with their own boats is of interest to developers.

Cardano drives growth in Africa

The Cardano Africa Tour is just another in a series of steps that developers have taken to help promote innovation on the continent. Crypto enthusiasts have always viewed Africa as a hotbed for blockchain adoption, and Cardano has ensured to help promote growth in the region. Especially the growth of Cardano-based projects.

This is why the foundation spends millions of dollars to fund projects in Africa. There, Hoskinson made great progress for Cardano to lead the development of blockchain in African countries, one of which is education.

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The Cardano Foundation provides financial and educational support to African start-ups when needed.In addition, a Reached an agreement with the Ethiopian government The launch of a digital ID that helps track the academic performance of students in the region on the Cardano blockchain. The idea is that if the performance of students can be tracked, the quality of education can be improved according to the needs of students.

Hoskinson praised the potential of the African continent in the development of blockchain and plans to expand Cardano’s business on the African continent in the next few years.

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