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Trade Fighter is a decentralized crypto asset price prediction application based on Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

this Trade Fighter App Provide a user-friendly gamification platform with various token pairs to earn local TDF tokens, to correctly predict the price of BTC and ETH, to replace tokens such as DOGE, SHIBU, and INU.

The Trade Fighter team is committed to adding more assets to the platform. Currently available trading pairs for users include BTC/USD and ETH/USD.

How to connect to the platform can be seen below:

  1. Use Web3 wallet (ie Binance Smart Chain Wallet, MetaMask) to connect to the application.
  2. Deposit BNB on the agreement.
  3. If you choose to be bull (Forecast assets will go up) or Bear (Forecast assets will go Down).
  4. The pledge amount is to enter a bull market (UP) or bear market (DOWN) contract with a specified duration ranging from 30 seconds to 24 hours.
  5. The minimum deposit for the price forecast is equivalent to 1 USD.
  6. The Trade Fighter algorithm will automatically match BULLS and BEARS according to the selected forecast period, and users with 97% correct forecasted earnings, while the wrong users will lose 100% of their initial capital.
  7. Trader Fighter charges a 3% transaction fee.
  8. Users pay with the platform’s native Trader Fighter (TDF) tokens.
All you need to use Trade Fighter is to connect to the Internet and a Web3 wallet. There is no cumbersome registration process or KYC.

Example transaction:

  • For this model, users start to use the platform when the trading price of the BTC/USD pair is 50,000 USD, and users can choose to enter a bull market (rising) or bear market (falling) contract that lasts for 24 hours through Trade Fighter.
  • Users who sign a BULL (up) contract bet that BTC will rise by at least 1 cent within the time frame they specify. If BULL (up) users promise $1 and their prediction of BEAR users is correct, they will automatically get the 0.97 cents promised by BEAR users.

When Trade Fighter cannot match the transaction, the user will be prompted to “fight” with Trade Fighter Bot. In this case, the user’s prediction is normal, but for the robot, if it is correct, they can still get 97% of the profit.

$ TDF: Trader battle token

Trade Fighter will include its own native utility token for prediction on the platform.

In addition, DEX and CEX can provide liquidity for the platform by staking TDF/BNB and TDF/BUSD pairs, and users will also earn fees from the platform by providing liquidity.

With the launch of TDF tokens, the idea of ​​increasing demand by cultivating a strong community, the Trade Fighter team believes that it will lead to successful (and liquid) token releases.

For more information about Trade Fighter, please refer to white paper Then go Trade Fighter official website.

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