Active users of Polygon ($MATIC) increased by 75,000

Dapps have continued to shine recently. As if this list is not enough to convince you, $MATIC is still an excellent actor. Data released by DappRadar this week shows that Polygon-based decentralized applications have increased significantly.this is Our work a few weeks ago, Highlighting the strong rebound of $MATIC. Let’s review the findings of DappRadar.

Polygon network

This Data output from DappRadar Shows a large number of indicators about Ethereum’s second layer solution. First, it is necessary to call traffic worth nearly $1B through their second layer. In addition, the material pointed out that in the past week, the top 20 Polygon dapps interacted with more than 75,000 active user wallets. Finally, in the past month, the number of dapps tracked by Polygon on DappRadar increased from 61 to 93; 46 of them belonged to the DeFi and Exchange categories.

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The inclination point of the polygon

As pointed out by the DappRadar data, Polygon’s several problems are the main drivers of its emergence: lower gas fees and fast transactions.Not surprising to see Ethereum gas fee Recently, the motivation to use DeFi applications has been reduced. However, unlike other Ethereum-based ecosystems, $MATIC hopes to bring other advantages as well. The main points include verifying system security, scalability achieved through joint PoS consensus and Heimdall architecture, and PoS chain plasma technology. The main competitors include Polkadot ($DOT), Cosmos ($ATOM) and Avalanche ($AVAX).

Polygon’s leading dapps in DeFi include QuickSwap, Aave and ParaSwap-Aave expanded to Polygon in March. QuickSwap reported that users increased by 210% last week, and transaction volume increased by 240% during the same period.

$MATIC has performed exceptionally well in recent times, and many mainstream cryptocurrencies have seen corrections, which many people call “DeFi Summer”.

$MATIC has been performing exceptionally well this year | Source: MATIC-USDT on

Exposure and expansion

Projects and platforms continue to contribute to the recent growth of $MATIC. Recent partners include Decentraland and Maker, and recent platform support includes Coinbase and Binance. In addition, the team announced the integration of Tether (USDT) and USDC in September last year. Other unique participations have also occurred in the network, such as the COVID-19 test verification used by Indian government officials.

Not only $MATIC has seen rapid growth. DeFi is arguably controversial Undergo a radical transformation, As we have recently emphasized.

$MATIC was launched in 2017 and moved to the main network at the end of the year; the network underwent a Polygon rebranding a few months ago. According to CoinGecko, $MATIC has now surpassed the market cap of $11B and broke through the top 25 of the top coins with each market cap, set a record high price, and is close to $2 this week.

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