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Alpha Finance Lab DeFi ecosystem and platform, Today announced the second Alpha Launchpad project, pSTAKE, a “Liquid Staking” DeFi protocol that unlocks the liquidity of mortgage assets.

What is pSTAKE?

  • Designed as a liquid stakeout solution, Unleash the true potential of staking PoS assets (such as ATOM). PoS token holders can deposit their tokens on the pSTAKE platform to mint unsecured tokens wrapped in ERC-20 with a 1:1 peg, denoted as pTOKEN (for example, pATOM).
  • pTOKEN can be converted into a 1:1 parcel of ERC-20 pledge representative by staking the PoS token deposited at the bottom layer, called stkTOKEN. stkTOKEN can be considered as a token that generates revenue. Since stkTOKEN represents pledged tokens, they accumulate pledge rewards in the form of pTOKEN (this reflects the operation of most PoS chains, where rewards are not automatically compounded, but are obtained in the form of mobile tokens. Users can at any time Claim) promptly).
  • In addition, pSTAKE allows its users to use stkTOKEN in various DeFi protocols to obtain income on the basis of pledge rewards.

Alpha Launchpad

The selected incubation projects that go through a thorough screening process will work with the core Alpha team to successfully launch and develop their DeFi projects. Alpha Launchpad provides practical support, guidance and guidance in all areas of project business.

For teams interested in applying for Alpha Launchpad, please review the application process here.

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