Alpha integrates Nash’s fiat currency encryption gateway, enabling EU users to purchase cryptocurrency »CryptoNinjas

Alpha Finance Lab DeFi platform and ecosystem, Announced today that it has joined Nash, a Bitcoin and crypto exchange platforms integrated their fiat currency gateway into Alpha Homora V2.

This partnership will enable European users to easily purchase cryptocurrencies and lend them directly on Alpha Homora V2.Nash’s Statutory gateway Provide European users with preferential prices for popular cryptocurrencies, no markups, low fees, and instant payment methods.

The purchase is fast and safe, and the KYC can be completed in less than 5 minutes in the Nash app.

“Alpha has developed an innovative product that will help introduce blockchain to enterprises. We are very pleased to see Alpha integrate the Nash fiat gateway into their wallets to provide European users with the smoothest encryption access.”
– Chief Executive Officer of Nash, Kellogg Fairbank

The integration of Nash enables Alpha’s European users to purchase cryptocurrency directly from widgets on the Alpha Homora V2 website.

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