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ANote music, Is the music franchise investment market, today announced that their platform has joined Algorand, Proof-of-stake blockchain Technology platform.

Since the music assets and NFTs on artists, distributors and record companies can be tokenized, the new music catalogue listed on the ANote Music platform will provide investors with tokens, thereby providing the right to obtain part of the future royalty stream . This brings opportunities for artists, who can benefit from increased catalogues, improved use of rights, etc., while at the same time bringing investors another diversified asset.

This is an important milestone for creators with an ANote catalog, as it marks the first time tokenized rights and NFTs have entered a market where they can be created and exchanged. Listing music rights on ANote Music gives creators the opportunity to share success with their network and fan base, and at the same time immediately obtain a new funding model.

Gregoire Mathonet, CTO and co-founder of ANote Music said: “ANote Music is pleased to integrate Algorand as the core blockchain system of its operations. Algorand provides the flexibility, security, speed and low cost we are looking for. For users of our platform, the traceability of registered claims is undoubtedly another added value. “Logical transaction signatures” enable different integrations, which is a step towards using blockchain in actual business solutions We hope this is just the beginning of a huge development in the music industry.”

ANote Music will also introduce a specific area where music enthusiasts can get collectible NFTs directly from their favorite artists. NFT will be launched on Algorand. Investors will receive and manage these NFTs in their Algorand wallet and be able to track everything on

Headquartered in a European financial hotspot, ANote Music is jointly funded by the government of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, which is very conducive to the democratization of music investment, and provides a secure trading platform for music-related NFTs, leading the way to development.

“We are very pleased to see that ANote makes full use of Algorand’s layer 1 core functions because they include blockchain-based solutions and reshape its business model into a more transparent, accessible and inclusive business model. Said W. Sean Ford, chief operating officer of Algorand. “As creators and the organizations that support them gradually understand the critical success factors and advanced technologies needed for sustainable development and a lasting future, Algorand sees the growing appeal of NFTs.”

ANote Music is a European market that invests in music royalties. It was established in Luxembourg in January 2018 by Marzio F. Schena, Matteo Cernuschi and Grégoire Mathonet. In January 2020, ANote Music ended its 500,000 euro financing led by the Dutch Concert Hall. A leader in the European music industry. Luxinnovation, the national innovation agency of Luxembourg, also provides support to ANote Music to enable them to obtain government funding.

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