API3 and smart contract application Moonbeam bring off-chain data to Polkadot

API3, provider Decentralized API (DAPI) has announced its integration with Moonbeam, a project that simplifies the expansion of Ethereum applications into the Polkadot blockchain ecosystem, making the API effortlessly usable for multi-chain applications.

The Moonbeam platform can fully implement Ethereum on the substrate and allows Ethereum developers to deploy existing smart contracts and dApp front ends to Moonbeam with minimal changes. Moonbeam benefits from lower gas costs than Ethereum and Polkadot’s cross-chain capabilities.

Part of the API3 vision is to enable developers to create dApps that mimic the rich functionality of Web 2.0 applications. Most applications that people use exist because they have the ability to access various APIs.Providing tools other than price data is essential to implement this feature on Web 3.0. As part of the integration, API3 will be able to provide dApp developers with moonlight Access the full library of Airnode-enabled APIs.

“The future is multi-chain, and Moonbeam is a great way for EVM dApps to get there. We are happy to bring the API3 ecosystem to applications running on Moonbeam.”
-API3 co-founder Heikki Vänttinen

This integration also represents the first step in deploying dAPI (data feed) to the following steps moonlight, To generate dApps with truly quantifiable and safe DAO aggregate data. Moonbeam simplifies the developer experience, combining the full compatibility of Ethereum with the features of Polkadot, including scalability, cross-chain integration, and on-chain governance.

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