Are these the 6 richest people in the crypto industry?

There is a lot of money in the crypto industry, that’s for sure. We are at a stage where some of these projects are advanced enough and their creators have already reaped benefits. Then, there is Bitcoin. Early adopters and believers, very long-term hoarders, sit on wealth. But who makes the most money?

An extremely difficult question to answer. The anonymity of blockchain technology makes such a query a difficult task. There are wallets where no one knows who they belong to and holds thousands of coins. There are billionaires who have announced investments, but no one knows which wallets belong to them. Not everyone in the crypto industry is a public figure. Not everyone in the field wants to be noticed.

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With this in mind, Coin Bureau YouTube Channel Investigate and draw credible conclusions. If we agree that this list is for entertainment purposes and is mainly concentrated in the West, we can have fun from it. So let us do this.

Who are the six richest people in the crypto industry?

To be fair, coin Bureau focuses on people who hold most of their assets in cryptocurrency. This makes people like Coinbase’s Brian Armstrong and MicroStrategy’s Michael Saylor ineligible because most of their wealth is related to their company. It also discarded all the billionaires who accounted for a small portion of their wealth in cryptocurrencies.

So, since the rules are clear, let’s get into it.

6.- Tim Draper and Max Kaiser

Tied for fifth place, two very different Bitcoin believers.

Tim Draper: This venture capitalist made a lifetime purchase after acquiring all the bitcoins confiscated from the Silk Road darknet market. “The Marshall Service of the United States auctioned 30,000 bitcoins, and these bitcoins fell into Tim’s wallet for $19 million.“These are now worth close to $1B. Draper is not part of the crypto industry, but in order to achieve diversification, he also holds Bitcoin Cash, XRP and Tezos.

Max Kaiser: This broadcaster and filmmaker is the reason why many people around the world understand Bitcoin. An early believer,”In the Keyser report in 2013, Max announced that he has become a Bitcoin millionaire. “Follow coin In game calculation, this means that he holds 25K BTC. Suppose he continues to buy and buys a modest 5K, then the stock he holds is now worth $1B.

5.- Vitalik Buterin:

The co-founder of Ethereum starred The previously reported Twitter public struggle Provided by NewsBTC. Vitalik’s Ethereum wallet address has been widely known since the end of 2018, when he shared it on Twitter in response to criticism of Ethereum pre-mining.“This key figure in the crypto industry now owns 334K ETH, which is about $1.5 B at today’s price.

4.- Winklevoss Broders

As we all know, the Winklevoss twins invested part of their Facebook solution in a new idea at the time. The story goes like this, “On Holy Day in Ibiza in 2013, Taylor and Cameron learned about Bitcoin and then decided to buy 1% of all BTC in circulation.“With this, they founded the Gemini Exchange, which is a key part of the crypto industry. coin The bureau estimates that every twin has a “Two to three billion U.S. dollars in cryptocurrencies, mainly Bitcoin.

3.- Chris Larson

One of the biggest criticisms of the crypto industry against Ripple is the staggering amount of XRP held by its founders and organizations. Excellent, “The third largest cryptocurrency billionaire is Ripple co-founder Chris Larsen, who holds between 52 and 7.8 billion XRP.

It’s worth noting that “All XRP allocated to the founders of Ripple are subject to the vesting schedule, which will last until 2026, assuming that the SEC does not win the case against Ripple. In this case, Chis’ XRP will not be sold according to law.“However, so far, the situation seems to be the opposite. The market seems to support this shift.

2.- Sam Bankman-Fried

Did you know that FTX’s Sam Bankman-Fried is negotiating with Binance’s CZ to jointly fund the exchange before either of the two becomes bigger? true story. Well, Bankman-Fried is “Founder of Alameda Research and FTX cryptocurrency exchange.

Alameda Research makes more money in arbitrage trading than God. They discovered that there is a premium hidden in the price of Bitcoin in Japan. They bought in the United States and sold in Japan, making history. And a fortune. after that, “The FTX Derivatives Exchange is Sam’s second endeavor, and since its establishment in 2019, it has become one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges.

As an important part of the encryption industry, he helped launch a very successful encryption project through FTX.In addition, they have their own coin Over time, it has appreciated in value. coin The bureau said, “Sam’s exact cryptocurrency holdings are unknown, and I estimate their total number to be between 50 and 10 billion U.S. dollars.

BNB price chart on FTX | Source: BNB/USDT on

1.- Changpeng Zhao

Although CZ’s net assets are “Listed at a price of about 2 billion U.S. dollars,coin The bureau investigated and made some controversial assumptions. First, after attending an encrypted meeting, “CZ then decided to sell his apartment in Shanghai, all in Bitcoin. If my calculation is correct, this will allow him to deposit anywhere between 50 and 100,000 BTC.

The bureau found some articles in which CZ said that he likes to hold his wealth in crypto assets, so they think he still holds this.Years later, when Binance launched its own coin, 40% of the initial BNB casting 100 million was allocated to the founding team. Again, the Bureau assumes that he still owns them,”At today’s price, the BNB held by CZ alone can easily exceed US$10 billion. “

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That’s it, this is their list. Do you think they have forgotten anyone in the crypto industry? Is there no bigger whale in China? In contrast, are these people all small potatoes? Satoshi Satoshi Nakamoto himself? Let’s start with the list and build on it.

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