AscendEX, a cryptocurrency exchange, integrates Wyre’s fiat to cryptocurrency API

Wyre, a blockchain and Encrypted payment service, Today announced that the cryptocurrency exchange AscendEX has integrated its “Checkout” API and widgets. Wyre’s API simplifies the conversion process from fiat to cryptocurrency, allowing anyone to use local currency to obtain crypto assets.

The Wyre team also announced that it has joined AscendEX as a liquidity provider. This expands Wyre’s list of partners and provides better prices to its end users.

Shengteng EX

Launched in 2018, Shengteng EX (Formerly BitMax) is a cryptocurrency exchange with a comprehensive product suite, including spot, margin and futures trading, wallet services, and Staking for more than 150 blockchain projects (such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple) Support.

For more information Wyre And how to integrate with its API, please visit their Web site And Developer documentation.

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