Bitcoin DeFi service platform ALEX raises US$5.8 million »CryptoNinjas

ALEX, a full-service DeFi platform on Bitcoin Stack, Announced today 5.8 million USD New financing led by White Star Capital and participation by Cultur3, GBIC, OK Blockchain Capital and others.

The ALEX team will use the funds to launch a BTC-based platform protected by the Bitcoin blockchain. Currently running on the testnet, ALEX is scheduled to be officially launched in December 2021.

ALEX is an open source DeFi protocol built on Bitcoin through the Stacks blockchain

ALEX aims to introduce complete DeFi services to Bitcoin as a one-stop platform, allowing:

  • Start the project of its token.
  • Fixed interest rate and fixed term borrowing.
  • Decentralized transactions with AMM (automatic market maker) and off-chain order books.
  • Deposit tokens to earn interest.
  • Reap great returns through high-yield agriculture
  • Allow borrowing without risk of liquidation, pass Dynamic collateral rebalancing pool.

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