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The popular crypto derivatives trading platform BitMEX today awarded its latest two Open source developer funding To Rene Pickhardt and Chris Coverdale.

Rene’s work focuses on improving the reliability of the payment process and optimizing the lowest cost process solver for the payment process. Chris is working on the implementation of Stratum V2 Bitcoin mining pool protocol with more efficient data transmission.

These grants will help fund their contribution and implementation of the Lightning Network Stratum V2 Bitcoin Mining Pool Protocol, Respectively. BitMEX has provided everyone with an eight-month $33,333 committed funding grant that will last until the end of the planned term of office in 2021 (May 2022).

Since 2019, BitMEX’s developer funding program has received more than 1.5 million U.S. dollars in rewards.

With these two new grantees, BitMEX currently supports six open source Bitcoin developers and provides grants without strings attached:

  • Michael Ford, a Bitcoin core maintainer who has been working at BitMEX for three years;
  • Gleb Naumenko, who joined the program in June 2020;
  • Calvin Kim, Utreexo developer, who joined the program in August 2020; and
  • Bitcoin Core developer Sjors Provoost joined the program in August 2021

Please note that the application process for the 2021 funding program has now ended. Details of the 2022 funding plan will be announced in due course.

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