Blockchain derivatives trading agreement Vega completes USD 43 million token sale

Vega, an open protocol Create derivatives that allow any blockchain In order to take advantage of its high throughput, it has announced the closure of its $43 million token sale on CoinList, exceeding 21,000 unique participants.

With Vega, market makers can not only launch and customize any derivative products, but also adjust incentives between passive and active liquidity providers and other traders.

The openness of the agreement is designed to meet the needs of professional market makers and trading companies; it also supports individuals and small and medium-sized enterprises who wish to hedge or trade any type of risk.

“With an open peer-to-peer protocol that allows everyone to innovate quickly and fairly DeFi brings real-world transaction use cases.”
-Vega founder, Barney Mannerings

Before the VEGA token sale on CoinList, the tokens were assigned to early investors and team members.All these distributions are locked, and the tokens of a few early investors will be vested in four months Public sale.

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