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Tatum, with a focus on developers Blockchain infrastructure And the API provider recently announced that it now supports the Flow blockchain. Tatum allows its users to use a free plan to build entire application integrations and only need to upgrade to a paid plan when 5 or more API requests are required per second.

“Now Tatum supports flow, Developers can quickly and easily use the next-generation blockchain through our infrastructure and powerful API. You no longer need to worry about running the node yourself or paying for the entire node for other providers. You can simply use our infrastructure to build applications of the size you need. Supporting more than 20 blockchains through a unified API, you can even integrate multiple blockchain protocols into your application, or switch between them as needed. The sky is the limit, and we are happy to see what developers will build on Flow! “
–Tatum Team

By dividing the work of cryptocurrency miners or verification programs into four different roles, Flow greatly improves speed and throughput. Each has its own characteristics. This means that anyone with a reliable internet connection should be able to participate as a validator of Flow; in various computing and financial layers.

For more information, check out Tatum’s API file Check the endpoints that are already available on the Flow mainnet.

Tatum support 20 blockchains And digital assets in a single API. Developers can use a unified set of API calls to work with all these people. Easily switch between them or utilize multiple blockchains as needed.

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