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Alchemy, blockchain development platform, Today announced that the platform will officially support Optimistic Ethereum, which is one of the most anticipated Ethereum layer 2 solutions. This will enable developers to reliably take advantage of Optimism’s expansion capabilities.

Optimistic Ethereum

As the pioneer of Optimistic Rollups, the Optimism team has designed a system that enables instant transactions on Ethereum. With higher throughput, lower latency and lower cost; their network will help the Ethereum team reach a new scale. In addition, the cost of Optimistic Gas is 35 times cheaper than Ethereum.

Optimistic Virtual Machine (OVM) compatible Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM); this allows Ethereum developers to migrate existing smart contracts without breaking them.

“The optimistic Ethereum is ready to have a huge impact on the blockchain world through transformative technology, and has a talented team to make it a reality. We are very happy to be able to help promote the development of the ecosystem.”
-Nikil Viswanathan, CEO of Alchemy

After going online, users can create Optimism-based applications on Alchemy with just a few clicks. In addition, developers will immediately unlock Alchemy’s super nodes and developer tools that power some of the most successful projects on Ethereum today.

“Alchemy is a world-class engineering team that provides critical infrastructure support for the Ethereum ecosystem.”
– Jinglan Wang, CEO, Optimism

The Optimism team continues to launch their products on the testnet and mainnet.However, Alchemy users can Register now for waiting list Early access to opportunities.

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