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Blocknet is a layer 2 blockchain interoperability protocol that enables communication, interaction and exchange between different blockchains. Today it was announced that its local Blocknet token has now been released on Pangolin DEX. Blocknet’s decentralized Avalanche indexer.

The list puts $aaBLOCK, which is a payment method for index chain data on the Avalanche C chain; and introduces the Avalanche community to Blocknet.

Avalanche + Block Network

And initially Blocknet releases a decentralized indexer for the Avalanche blockchain With the arrival of this month and plans to migrate to its own subnet in due course, common interests have emerged between the communities of these two projects.

However, it is not possible to access BLOCK and AVAX in the same place. Prevent easy exploration of their respective ecosystems.

But now, $aaBLOCK can be accessed on the DEX pangolin, the most liquid in the avalanche.Provides Avalanche users with a natural place to acquire BLOCK and explore its inter-chain technology Like Block DX And XRouter.

Market availability

In order to cultivate a healthy market, the liquidity derived from the Blocknet super blockchain self-financing system will be added to the Pangolin liquidity pool.

In addition, Blocknet hopes to increase the holders of BLOCK and AVAX to the capital pool so that the minimum liquidity planned in the capital pool reaches 100,000 US dollars; to ensure a good market share and close spreads.

In addition, a proposal will be submitted to Pangolin’s decentralized governance system to provide PNG (Pangolin’s governance token) to $aaBLOCK liquid farmers.

What is $aaBLOCK?

  • $aaBLOCK = A packaged Blocknet token ($BLOCK) bridged to Avalanche via Anyswap, which can be used as a native token on the Avalanche C chain.
  • $ aaBLOCK is destined to be used with Blocknet’s initial decentralized indexer; it will provide Avalanche’s chain data through the Graph QL API, enabling developers to orchestrate contracts and agreements on Ethereum and other blockchains.

“The decentralized API for multi-chain data is the foundation of the “interchain”, and the interchain is an emerging blockchain protocol and contract ecosystem. The availability of inter-chain data enables developers to build traditional applications like an orchestration API The program arranges services on different chains as easily and cheaply. DApps have obtained the comprehensive potential of each service, contract and agreement on each blockchain.”
– Blocknet team

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