Blockchain middleware platform Tatum adds support for CELO, cEUR and cUSD»CryptoNinjas

Blockchain middleware platform Tatum announced the addition of support for the blockchain platform Celo; including two stablecoins. Celo is mobile-first open Ecosystem for building blockchain applications.

The Tatum platform now supports operations in the Celo blockchain and Tatum’s abstraction layer. Therefore, developers can use Tatum’s unique virtual account function to perform operations that are separate from the blockchain, while simultaneously synchronizing with the blockchain on a regular basis.This enables users to Build and test the entire application without connecting To the blockchain, and has the function of going online immediately.

Celo provides fast speed at a low cost and can easily deploy NFT using Tatum. In addition, Celo’s stablecoin cEUR&cUSD can be used in various cross-border financial applications.

“All functions can be accessed through Tatum’s API; it has a highly abstract endpoint that allows you to easily perform the most useful operations. You don’t need to learn to write code for Celo or any blockchain for this. You only need a few simple APIs Call it to complete everything you need, and build a complete integration through the free plan. I wish you a happy programming!”
–Tatum Team

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