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Today, the Fleta Blockchain platform team announced that its Fleta Converter will be launched on September 15. Fleta Converter is a bridging service that uses Fleta’s cross-chain technology to freely send cryptocurrency assets to other networksGateway‘System.

Currently, many users feel uncomfortable when sending encrypted assets to DeFi services across different networks. Fleta Converter helps users manage various DeFi services more efficiently.

Fleta’s multi-chain platform is integrated with Ethereum, TomoChain, Binance Smart Chain and Polygon. Users can send and receive cryptocurrency to wallets based on these networks through Fleta Wallet. Therefore, since Fleta Converter is also part of the Fleta multi-chain ecosystem, the service will create new synergies with Fleta Connect and Fleta Wallet.

Henry Hong, CEO of Fleta

“Fleta’s advanced technology is used to develop Fleta Converter. Since Fleta Converter is highly related to Fleta Connect, its development is mentioned in the second phase of the Fleta Connect roadmap. To complete the second phase, we will integrate more chains into Fleta Converter And improve its convenience and usability.”
——Henry Hong, CEO of Fleta

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