Blocknative raised $12 million to develop blockchain monitoring infrastructure

Blocknative, a builder and operator of critical infrastructure for monitoring and managing public blockchain transactions, announced today that it has raised a new Series A financing of US$12 million; bringing its total funding to more than US$19 million.

New investors joining the Blocknative team include:

  • Rho Capital’s Ignition Fund (lead investment)
  • Robot Ventures/Robert Leshner
  • Altonomy Ventures
  • Kain Warwick and Jordan Momtazi of Synthetix
  • Ryan Sean Adams and David Hoffman, founders of Bankless
  • Stani Kulechov, founder and CEO of Aave
  • Anchorage co-founder and president Diogo Monica (Diogo Monica)

These new investors have joined the existing list of investors, including:

  • Foundry Group
  • Blockchain capital
  • So remove risky investment
  • Industry Venture Capital
  • Coinbase Venture Capital Company

With regard to this financing, Blocknative also welcomes Rho Capital partner Dan Ruch to join its board of directors and My cryptocurrency Founder and CEO Taylor Monahan joins its advisory board.

Blocknative’s Mempool Explorer helps exchanges, wallets and traders monitor transactions and take action in real time.
The memory pool is the gateway to the blockchain.Before writing anything on the block, it must first pass Memory pool.

Provide core blockchain infrastructure

Blocknative’s solutions are widely deployed in the Web3 ecosystem-composed of forward-thinking builders and traders, including Aavegotchi, Altonomy, Badger, Balancer, Bancor, Compound, Curve, Gitcoin, Nifty Gateway, Optimism, Synthetix, UMA, Year, Zapper and hundreds of others-for:

  • Stream real-time memory pool data
  • Accurately estimate the price of Ethereum gas
  • Understand what will happen next to improve the security of the protocol and use the “advantages” for transactions
  • Provide instant Dapp support for top hardware and software wallets
  • Provide real-time transaction notifications to end users

“With this new financing, we have the ability to develop and expand our core data platform. Our financing has also attracted some industry-leading talents. In the past three years, our team has promoted blockchain transaction monitoring The state-of-the-art technology. Today, our global platform supports Ethereum, x​​Dai, Binance Smart Chain, and Bitcoin-and also provides additional L1 and L2 support at work. In the process, we consistently delivered Industry-leading solutions such as Mempool Explorer, Gas Platform, Simulation Platform, Onboard and Notify-there will be more in the future.”
– Blocknative team

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