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BSO, a global infrastructure and Connect with suppliers, In cooperation with ImpactScope, headquartered in Geneva, which is a company that provides Carbon offset solution Digital asset exchanges and cryptocurrency mining companies have become the first connected providers to provide customers trading cryptocurrencies with methods to calculate and offset their business’ excess carbon emissions.

Criticism of the energy consumption of cryptocurrency and its associated carbon footprint is a major challenge faced by all participants in the crypto field. Regulations such as the European Union’s Sustainable Financial Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) are addressing this problem at the corporate and regulatory levels. Effective January 2022.

Consistent with these developments, in recent years, investors have also been forced to look for investment portfolios that not only bring substantial returns, but are also more socially responsible. With ImpactScope’s unique API, BSO customers can minimize the environmental impact of their encrypted transactions in real time and reduce their operational carbon footprint.

“Given that the recent report highlights the climate emergency we are facing, the industry has a sense of urgency to improve. By working with ImpactScope, we are able to support our customers in responding to climate change and help them make cryptocurrency transactions more efficient. Sustainability.”
– Michael Ourabah, CEO of BSO

BSO’s existing customer base has full access to ImpactScope’s solution suite, and can choose from a variety of different geographical compensations verified by the world’s leading greenhouse gas emission reduction project certification programs Verra and Gold Standard. Other services provided through the partnership include encryption-related ESG reports and corporate treasury bond carbon audits for institutional investors holding encrypted assets.

“We welcome the opportunity to cooperate with BSO to provide participants in the field of encryption and digital assets with the opportunity to achieve ESG goals; assess and subsequently offset their crypto carbon footprint. ImpactScope’s mission is to help cryptocurrency stakeholders, whether it is an exchange , End users, mining pools, or institutional investors, become more environmentally friendly, more sustainable, and have a better understanding of the impact of their actions on the environment.”
– Gregg Betz, co-founder of ImpactScope

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