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The Cardano blockchain project accelerator and fundraising platform CanonX.Finance has been launched. CanonX will provide DEX development, lending platform and oracle integration.

this The recent Alonzo hard fork Brings DeFi and smart contract functions to the Cardano blockchain. Now, developers can use Cardano to build dApps, DeFi platforms, and irreplaceable tokens.

Early companies that started on Cardano chose blockchain over other companies for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Safety: Cardano’s proof of equity is known for its security, and more than 70% of ADA tokens are pledged.
  • Multi-layer: The scalability of Cardano is unlimited and transactions are settled quickly.

4 Part of the ecosystem:

In order to support the DeFi project launched on Cardano, CanonX consists of a four-part ecosystem, including value creation behind the IDO project, DEX development, lending platform, and reliable off-chain data feed for on-chain execution Oracle integrated trading.

Some of the main features of CanonX include:

  • Launch pad: With the help of millions of Cardano token holders, Launchpad will help early-stage companies get the funds they need.
  • Canon DEX: This decentralized DEX will support ADA through price feed transactions, market display, and decentralized lending.
  • currency market: A lending platform that can use decentralized assets as collateral for loans.
  • Technical Services: CanonX oracle provides a universal data protocol across transactions, so the feed method of off-chain data on the chain is consistent.

$Canon tokens:

CANON token is a practical asset that will power the CanonX IDO protocol platform and allow holders to support their favorite projects by providing liquidity while receiving rewards. This will allow token holders to actively participate in the shaping of the CanonX ecosystem and the Cardano network.

CanonX.Finance is a Cardano-based project accelerator and fundraising platform, which aims to use DeFi innovation to provide transparent, efficient and fully decentralized crowdfunding services on the Cardano blockchain.More information CannonX white paper.

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