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Today, Fred Brothers, a long-time fintech executive, launched the Cion Digital and Cion blockchain orchestration platforms to help customers succeed in the ever-evolving digital asset economy. For several months, Cion has been operating in an “invisible mode”, developing a platform and establishing a strong sales channel.

The Cion digital blockchain orchestration platform aims to accelerate integration, provide optionality, prevent technical debt from the beginning, and eliminate the friction of creating blockchain-based real-time payments and financing. The platform uses blockchain technology to facilitate real-time capital flow. It provides ready-to-use solutions and rapid integration with encrypted exchanges, DeFi protocols, and aggregation services that build a bridge between DeFi and TradFi.

Deploy blockchain solutions seamlessly in your existing workflow.

Snehal Fulzele, CEO and founder of Cion Digital, said: “We want to create a simpler way for institutions to quickly and seamlessly connect the complex and ever-changing decentralized financial world.” “We bring together very experienced people. Of fintech leaders who help banks, payment and lending institutions adapt and develop, because digital and cloud have changed the financial system. Our leaders understand payments, banks, and loans very well, and they know that institutions need solutions to quickly develop their Existing financial systems to adapt to the new digital economy and prevent them from being disrupted.”

Fulzele is well-known in the field of financial technology and most recently served as the CEO and co-founder of Cloud Lending Solutions. He led Cloud Lending Solutions from its establishment to its acquisition by Q2 Holdings, and served as Senior Vice President and General Manager Cloud Lending in Q2.

The co-founder of Cion Digital, Fred Brothers, is a 25-year fintech executive. He has served as executive vice president and chief innovation officer of FIS, executive vice president and chief strategy officer of FIS, and e-commerce of CheckFree (now Fiserv) Vice President of Strategy and Member of the Cardlytics Board of Directors.

Other Cion Digital executives include Chief Marketing Officer Katie Robinson (Alliance Data, FIS), Executive Vice President of Engineering and General Manager of India Arpit Agrawal (Simplified Blockchain), and Executive Vice President and General Manager of Asia Pacific Chris Boas (Q2/ Cloud Lending, Misys) and Jim Donatell, Executive Vice President and U.S. Head of Sales (Q2/Cloud Lending, JPMorgan Chase).

In the next few days, Cion Digital is expected to announce many new customers and will demonstrate the power of its platform by launching encrypted payment and later purchase solutions on the Shopify and Ecwid e-commerce platforms.

Institutions can request Cion Digital’s latest white paper to learn more about its blockchain orchestration platform and how they can use it to create vehicle financing solutions at

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